Agriculture is the main activity for almost 80 percent of the population of Guinea and the main livelihood for 57 percent of rural inhabitants. As is the case in most African countries, agriculture is essential for the attainment of the goals of poverty reduction and food security in Guinea. Guinean agriculture is extensive, dominated by a traditional farming system and highly dependent on rainfall for 95 percent of the area under crops; the area of irrigated land is insignificant (30,200 hectares).

Guinea has considerable untapped agricultural potential, with natural conditions suitable for cultivation of a wide range of agricultural products. It is estimated that there are 6.2 million hectares of potential arable land, of which 25 are farmed and less than 10 percent are cultivated on an annual basis. Rainfall is abundant, ranging from 1,100 to 4,000 mm and the river plains have considerable potential. Guinea has a river network covering 6,500 kilometers and a continental shelf measuring 43,000 square kilometers with sizeable surface water and groundwater resources.

BF SA in Guinea

Current Scope

  • BF SA has land banks in Kobaya, Koba, Kindia, Forecariah, Kouroussa, Mali, Manana, Kankan, Mandiana, Faranah & Coyah
  • A pilot project for vegetables and paddy is currently operation in 2000 Hectares
  • A nusery seed development has been established
  • BF SA has brought together a panel of experts for development plans and has conducted soil studies.

Future Scope

  • BF SA has acquired license for production & export of palm oil and has acquired the necessary infrastructure & machinery
  • The proximity of BFSA’s agricultural lands to the Conakry port & accessible routes through road, sea, air will simplify export options
  • Guinea’s geographical proximity to EU and US enables BF SA to secure long term export contracts
  • BF SA plans to develop infrastructure for partial processing of its produce, enabling it to enter agro products market

The company plans to bring large quantities of land into cultivation in water rich & fertile lands of Guinea, it aims to help strengthen the food security conditions locally and also help increase food exports of the nation. BFSA has an allotment of agriculture land for 220,000 Hectares ( 543631 Acres ) consisting of large contiguous segments with long term lease ( 50 + 50 years ) agreement from the government of The Republic of Guinea.

BFSA is also actively pursuing opportunities for large scale farming in other countries in African, South American and South East Asian regions.