Pulp & Wood
  • BF SA plans to develop 60000 Ha. of Pulp & Wood plantation There is consistent demand for different types of wood world wide
  • BF SA plans to make a sustained revenue channel through wood export
  • India has emerged as a major importer of log, pulp wood consuming more than 30% of  Asian market
  • Wood is the primary source of fiber for pulp and paper industry. In India the growth in wood plantations is not able to keep pace with the industry requirements. Higher MSPs for alternative crops have made wood plantations unattractive for farmers, hence the availability of wood is continuously depleting
  • The industry foresees a serious scarcity of raw materials in future and hence would have to increasingly depend on imports of wood/wood chips and pulp
  • Guinea, being a tropical country with abundance of forestry and potential to sustain plantation, complemented by a thriving sea-port, presence a conducive scenario to setup a pulp chip plant
  • BF SA has signed a buy back agreement from ITC