About Us

BFSA is sponsoring a project in Guinea to produce rice, pulses, cassava, red pepper and turmeric products using modern agricultural technology. The BFSA’s main aim is to develop large-scale agro-processing facilities and other agricultural infrastructure, thereby supporting the increased production of staples in order to facilitate food security and realize sustainable agricultural development in West Africa.

BFSA will support its processing facilities with a combination of crops grown on its captive plantations and the output of trained local farmers. Its operations will include a series of rice and dal mills opening in line with production; cashew, turmeric, red pepper, Palm oil, Eucalyptus and cassava based alcohol processing plants to produce commercial products, most of them powered by biomass power plants.

The BFSA also proposes bio fertilizer plants to support the agricultural activities. These facilities will create skilled jobs up the agricultural (and support services) value chain. Other services provided as part of the project will include provision of drinking water facilities, afforestation, construction of check dams; infrastructure facilities like roads, agricultural compounds complete with worker accommodation, visitor accommodation, forges, shops and mechanics yards.

BFSA is the first company and pioneer modern commercial farming to Guinea with the following prospects:

  • Vast uncultivated lands can be converted into cultivable lands.
  • Different crops as rice, maize, pulses, oil palm, cassava etc. can be grown.
  • Create rural employment in farms and agriculture processing units.
  • Development of infrastructure as roads, irrigation canals, processing units etc.
  • Improvement of the rural area connectivity to urban areas.
  • Improving the purchasing capacity of the rural people.
  • Social and community development activities like education and primary health.

With the above activities the agriculture production increases in the country to reach self-sufficiency and at the same time improves the economy of the country by reducing the dependence on imports and also by exporting in surplus years.

Management Team

Headed by Mr. VCN Reddy, heading agricultural operations in charge and is a graduate in agricultural sciences from Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, Hyderabad. He is having 36 years of experience in agricultural farms & agri – production under contact farming system. He was Estate Manager for 5000 hectares captive Farms for more than half decade in Government Sugar Factory Plantations and Agri business activities. He was associated in organic cultivation & marketing of Horticulture crops as Associate Vice president in Sri Sai Agri Bio-labs Pvt. ltd.

Mr. Mahesh Raju, aged 48 years is having 25 years of experience in various fields of industry including 12+ years of marketing experience in office automation & consumer products in both Domestic and Export markets. He has 13+ years of experience as marketing chief in team building, planning, designing, executing trade events & television content production and is responsible for organization’s day-to-day marketing operations, coordinating the production of PR, creative, media, promotions and advertising.

Mr. Subbarayudu Veeramosu aged about 54 Years has worked extensively in the various regions of South India and gained knowledge in large scale farming of Paddy and various vegetables. He has earlier worked in other regions of Africa also, and well versed with good agricultural practices.

Mr. Narendra Rao Gannana aged about 37 Years has vast experience in Euca nurseries and pine apple plantations. He has worked earlier in Pine apple plantation companies in Kerala, India. He was instrumental in scientific way of Nursery management with experience in handling modern clonal and seedling nurseries at large scale Hands on experience in establishment and maintenance of mist chambers and irrigation systems